We know that our sport generates greenhouse gas emissions

We also know that the event logistics of our racing creates even more emissions than the burning of fuel and rubber

We are committed to reducing our operational emissions and for you – our Driver and Team participants – we have already estimated your impact from logistics in coming to IWF22 and are committed to offset this on your behalf

Help us by using our tool to provide a more accurate measure

Carbon Calculator for:

Carbon Calculator for:

What is Greenhouse Gas?

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are gases in the atmosphere that allow sunlight to pass through but also prevent heat from leaving. The most commonly known is carbon dioxide, but other gases include methane, ozone, nitrous oxide and others. They are essential to keeping the planet warm, but human activities are adding too many of these gases, resulting in global warming.

How we measure your GHG emissions

We ask a few simple questions regarding your travel, accommodation, kart transport and other track activities, which are the main contributors to your GHG emissions during a race week. Based on your answers, we use so called emission factors to calculate your individual carbon footprint. Thanks to our widget the entire process only takes a few minutes.

Why is reducing GHGs important?

The planet has a limited total carbon budget left until irreversible climate tipping points are reached and global warming reaches critical levels, with uncontrollable direct and indirect effects. We can only prevent this from happening if we reduce global emissions now and make sure we don’t overspend the budget. Every emission reduction contributes and helps on this mission.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting describes the compensation of carbon emissions through carbon credits. We only use carbon credits from high quality carbon projects (Gold Standard and VCS) to ensure high positive impact, both on climate and on affected communities and ecosystems. Carbon offsetting should always be part of a holistic initiative, where focus lies on carbon avoidance and reduction.


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