With racing underway in Le Mans attention at the IAME International Final is not only on track but also off it as well. The 2019 finals have seen another big step forward with more drivers, teams, manufacturers and media present than there has ever been. Behind the scenes IAME have pulled together the biggest team to date with over 60 staff here to make sure the nine-day event is run efficiently ensuring the drivers have the best experience possible.

The biggest paddock in Karting

You just have to walk up the 1.16km paddock, which covers just under 4000ft, to realise that there is nothing quite like this in the sport. With 460 warriors travelling from 45 different nations, every corner of the globe is represented in large numbers all having earned their place in this special event.

As the World’s best drivers have gathered, as have the manufacturers with over 30 different chassis on track. It is a place for not only the drivers to battle it out, but a result for a chassis manufacturer on an event of this scale would be a huge result going into the off season. It has even seen drivers attracted from out of Karting itself with former British Touring Car Champion, Ashley Sutton, entered into Super Shifter.

Every base covered

To run an event like this efficiently requires a large team and now eight events in, IAME have built a squad of 65 staff travelling from all over the World bringing a huge amount of experience and different ideas. It keeps the event in tune with how the sport is run across the globe making everyone feel at home at the temple of World Karting.

It also means familiar faces are recognised around the event for our returning warriors with the experience improving the running of the event each year. A constant area of growth for the #IIF is the media side with coverage better than ever before! Our new app keeps everyone updated on the go with RGMMC bringing their biggest team to date ensuring the event can be enjoyed live and relived for years to come.

It is a place where memories will be created for a lifetime and we want to make sure that everyone leaves satisfied and wanting more!

World class facilities

Preparation for the 2019 Finals began last November which shows how much hard work it takes to host an event of this scale. Constant discussions with the organisations in all areas were required to make sure the event is run properly across all classes. This includes introducing the Minime (FFSA) / Cadet (MUK) and Pro classes.

The best facilities for the staff, press and entrants have been provided including a press room and the upgraded IAME truck which includes offices, meeting rooms and can be a place for families and friends to hang out as well as our VIP guests.

With long days at the track keeping the warriors fed is key and we have been able do that with the help of the Severino & Son Hospitality company, who also provide their services for MotoGP. They provide 500 meals per day for lunch and dinner as well as free breakfast for all competitors in a World class facility giving everyone a chance to enjoy each others company every day. It is a service which has improved each year after lots of hard work between IAME and Severino Hospitality.

Severino & Son Hospitality and kept all our warriors fed and watered throughout the event

An unforgettable experience

Without the commitment of the competitors, the manufacturers, the tireless work from the staff and partners and the extreme level of competition the IAME International Finals would not have the reputation it is quickly growing. The last four years have seen tremendous growth and with it has come increased Worldwide attention.

IAME would like to take this chance to thank every single person involved in this unique event both past and present and we look forward to welcoming even more Warriors in years to come.